Protect - Lead - Serve

Godly Men of Valor is an intense two-day workshop preparing men for physical, spiritual, and soul warfare.

What to Expect

Guys should wear comfortable athletic clothes for physical warfare days (i.e. non-binding pants and a tee shirt), and comfortable street clothes for spiritual warfare days (i.e. polo shirt and jeans).  Be sure to bring a notebook or notepad for taking notes each day. 

GMV T-Shirts and other GMV paraphernalia may be made available at GMV events.  Proceeds from the sales of these items will be used for GMV operations.

Day 1 

Physical Warfare

Art of Heart, founded by Johnny Medero, is the foundation of our physical warfare curriculum.  Art of Heart uses many of Commando Krav Maga system techniques for the basis of its physical warfare training, however, the central difference is the focus on shalom.  It is our desire to avoid conflict if at all possible.  We do not desire harm on our adversary, however, if confrontation is unavoidable, then we make sure we are the one going home to our family.  AOH or CKM is not founded in Asian martial arts, and as such we do not bow to each other.  The movements and techniques are not associated with religious practices or motions as found in traditional martial arts.  The techniques are simple and straight forward thus enabling one to perform them under pressure.

Techniques Covered

GMV 1: Handgun disarm (360-degree head and frontal plane), Knife defense and disarming, punch and kick defense, grappling.

GMV2:  Handgun disarm (GMV1 pre-req: back and sides), Hostage knife defense and disarming, punch and kick defense concepts, grappling concepts.

Day 2

Spiritual Warfare

With a broad range of subject matter, each GMV may have slight variations in content.  However, some of the primary points of teaching will address, spiritual oppression, the influence of spiritual forces on our daily lives and our family, what can open the door to allow spiritual attacks, how to be a king and priest in your home, and much more.  You will want your notepad for this day of training.  We attack issues like pornography, addictions, and forgiveness.

It has really been life changing to me. We really gained tools that I’m going to be able to use in my life ahead as a man of God, to go to war in the physical and spiritual realm.

Luke S.

GMV Past Attendee

It’s been a mind and heart altering relationship as you meet new people and learn some skills. It’s an awesome experience to come out here with brothers from all over the area. To be in the midst of battle with them. To go through the hardships with them. To let down the walls of who we are and let the Holy Spirit wreck us from the inside out, so that we can go to the battle lines and be lions and be men of valor. 


GMV Past Attendee

This event was more than memorable. Several things that were still open and unresolved that I didn’t understand, that I’ve been praying about for years brought them together and gave me focus in some areas. For those who are hungering and want to move forward in their faith, I highly recommend it!

James K.

GMV Past Attendee