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GMV Workshops are training men for physical and spiritual combat. Through an intense two-day Bootcamp we will be training hard and fast for spiritual and combat readiness.

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Meet the Team

Steve Gardner

Steve Gardner

CKM L4 Instructor, GMV Founder

Steven is a husband since 2003 with 7 wonderful children.  He served in the US Army and was deployed to Honduras, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq (Desert Shield/Storm in ’91).  In 2011, Steven was certified as a level 4 instructor by founder and chief instructor of Commando Krav Maga, Moni Aizik.  His interest in CKM was fueled by his desire to be able to defend his wife and children in a fallen world.  In addition to CKM, Steven has trained at Front Site near Las Vegas, Nevada.  Steven has realized that learning the balance between physical defense, spiritual defense, and trusting YHWH is the only way one  can live at peace in a chaotic world.  We must never stop learning, regardless of our environment or situation.
Johnny Medero

Johnny Medero

CKM L8 Instructor, Art of Heart Founder

Johnny is a firefighter for Miami-Dade Fire and Rescue in Miami, Florida. He is also a certified Level 8 CKM instructor and an Elite Team Instructor who teaches CKM all over the world. Level 8 is the highest level attainable in CKM, and it is a rare opportunity to train with such a high ranking member of the CKM team. Johnny has combined his love for Yeshua with his extensive martial arts training to form Art of Heart. Paul taught that we must first understand the physical before we can understand the spiritual. Johnny teaches one how to fight in the physical using CKM techniques as well as how to fight in the spirit with the understanding that we battle not against flesh and blood but against spiritual forces.

Lee Bradshaw

Lee Bradshaw

One27 Consulting

One of Lee’s goals is to inspire men to be better husbands, fathers, and shepherds of their families. He teaches and handles a lot of the online techie stuff. Lee enjoys CKM, BJJ, and AOH (Art of Heart). He loves documenting the amazing changes God has done through GMV and sharing that with the world. He lives with his wife and five kids in western North Georgia and operates a consulting business.

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