Host a GMV Workshop

Interested in bringing the GMV team to your hometown?


Ready to make the commitment to becoming the man God intended you to be? Our team is prepared to teach and equip your group!

GMV Workshop Requirements:
  • $2,500 GMV Instructors Booking
    This helps cover workshop expenses.  Typical expenses can include travel, lodging, and food for the instructors.
  • $199 Registration Fee
    Each attendee is responsible for their own transportation to/from GMV workshops. Depending on the venue (Hotel or Campground), none, some or all meals may be provided. Plan on bringing sack lunches. Additional costs may be incurred at campgrounds to cover accommodations & amenities.
  • Location Requirements
    At least a half court (basketball) sized area for physical warfare training. Padded flooring is nice, but not required. We can train outside if the weather permits, but we must have a covered area just in case it rains.
  • Equipment Requirements
    A sound system capable of playing music from an iPhone/iPod for worship, and a projector and screen for Powerpoint presentations and videos.

It has really been life changing to me. We really gained tools that I’m going to be able to use in my life ahead as a man of God, to go to war in the physical and spiritual realm.

Luke S.

GMV Past Attendee

It’s been a mind and heart altering relationship as you meet new people and learn some skills. It’s an awesome experience to come out here with brothers from all over the area. To be in the midst of battle with them. To go through the hardships with them. To let down the walls of who we are and let the Holy Spirit wreck us from the inside out, so that we can go to the battle lines and be lions and be men of valor. 


GMV Past Attendee

This event was more than memorable. Several things that were still open and unresolved that I didn’t understand, that I’ve been praying about for years brought them together and gave me focus in some areas. For those who are hungering and want to move forward in their faith, I highly recommend it!

James K.

GMV Past Attendee